I have an affinity for black walnut. It is one of a select few domestic hardwoods that offer such unique figuring and with a wide gamut of colors ranging from deep abyssal browns, to warm radiant red hues. It naturally oxidizes to a purplish/blue tone giving it unique and mesmerizing weathered characteristics. While it is somewhat common in midwestern states for a person to grow up with a walnut tree shading the entry to their driveway, thousand cankers disease has been spreading to the east coast in the last decade or so, and is causing supply of the lumber to be lower than ever before. 


When surrounded by other trees in the forest, black walnuts grow straight and tall with few, if any, lower branches. It is constantly engaged in a battle for the sunlight to fuel photosynthesis.


When planted in the open, the tree will branch out closer to the ground, developing a spreading shape. The erratic figuring observed in black walnut is the result of this freedom to spread and grow which ever way the winds blow. It probably has more to do with the tree spreading out to collect more sunlight, but that rhymed so I went with it. After all, this is a pottery and home decor company, but I know a guy who almost got an associate's degree in horticulture, so I'm practically a scientist myself!

Anywho, these cutting boards are sure to snazzy up your next friendsgiving celebration. I am gonna go out on a limb here (tree pun) and say that there is a slightly higher than baseline chance that someone will compliment your sophistication the next time you show up to your g-mudders house with one of these bad beaches chalked full of unpronounceable cheeses. It took me two or tree beverages to come up with this, and I'd bet a half a pony keg you can figure out where it started to roll down hill. Cheers. Shop responsibly.